Re: a couple of questions

From: Tom Green <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 09:28:58 -0800 (PST)

1) I would rinse it out with water until dirt stops coming out. After
that you can either let it dry real good, or rinse it with rubbing
3) Wider than 14.5? Probably Mickey Thompson, But I wouldn't recommend
 really wide tire. You will have a hard time getting around a corner,
let alone parking it. Your turning radius will suck.
--- wrote:
> hey all mighty list
> got a couple of questions
> 1. I got an aux. tank that has no hose to it and who knows whats
> in that
> tank now. How would I go about cleaning it?
> 2. I want a lift and 35s by summer. I am going to get a 3.5 sus.
> and 2
> body. What is the cheapes way to get by the sus. lift but doing it
> right. I
> am wondering if just springs and blocks will do. Itll just be for the
> summer
> till I get some money.
> 3. Who makes a good 35" tire that is wider than 14.5"s? It will
> be mostly
> daily driven and 20% off road.
> tyler
> my new 74
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