Shock Advice Needed

From: Stephen Urban <>
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 21:07:42 -0800

Since I won a set of Skyjacker shocks (my choice) at Off Road for Hope I
am looking for some advice from the list as to which ones to get.

I currently have a 3.5" suspension lift. Duff's front and BCBronco's
rear. I will be increasing that to 5" through the use Spring Rockers in
the rear and possibly the leveler shim plates (can't remember who makes
them) in the front. No body lift installed or planned except for about
3/4" I will see when I install Frenchys body mounts.

Question 1: Which type of shock should I get? Skyjacker makes two
types: Hydro's (hydraulic) and Nitro's (gas charged). What would be
the benefits of the Nitro's over the Hydro's.

Question 2: What size? Their catalog lists the following: (hope this
lines up when it posts)

            Lift Shock
    Front Rear Front Rear
4"- 6" 3.5" - 5" N8055 N8058
6.5" - 8" 5.5" - 10" N8056 N8060

Shock Ext Length Comp Length
N8055 22.75" 13.54"
N8056 24.75" 14.54"
N8058 24.84" 14.82"
N8060 29.83" 17.32"

The part #'s are for the Hydro's, but the Nitro's are the same specs.

Any input would be appreciated as I must order them with-in 90 days.
 Would also like to hear about peoples experiences with spring
pivots/leveler shims in the front.

Steve Urban
NRA & CRPA Life Member
29 Palms, CA
"" <>
Received on Fri Feb 08 2002 - 22:07:17 MST

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