Re: Off Road for Hope Report

From: Brian Smith <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 07:37:54 -0800

> conjunction with the event. She smoked everyone, running the course in
> 51 seconds!!!.
ya, she could really use that gas pedal. The one that I liked though was
the 14 year old girl driving her dads yellow jeep.

> Tiger took his Bronco through. His time was a little
> over 5 minutes, but that included a tire change.
Got the bead blowing on video. He was just saying the night before he still
had not lost a bead.....guess it's better to do it infront of a lot of
> Some idiot in a full
> size Blazer tried it but he ended up being winched off the course. He
> looked like he didn't even have a front locker!!!!
Hell, he was OPEN front and rear. Don't know if many saw but the only tool
he had for lugs was a 12" Cressent wrench. He was in way over his head.
Luckly most of the other competitors were happy to help offering
tools/parts/advice. We got some good pics and video of the event including
the Bronco II that blew the front axel. You can see the parts flying.
Also, I have seen, held, caressed and drooled over the new u-joint thet
Chuck sells. VERY NICE!!!! Beautiful machine work. Looks like a piece of
jewlry, maybe thats what I'll get my wife for vallentines day;-)
Fun event, I'm sure I'll be back next year.

Brian Smith
Sacramento CA

Duct tape, welder & a hammer,
just make it work.
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