Re: 5.0 Fuel Lines

From: Pat Kelly <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 10:41:51 -0800

Here is what I did FWIW.
1. Mounted an inline low pressure pumps on inside of driver side framerail
for aux. tank and on the rear crossmember for main tank. These are switched
on and off by the selector switch on the dash. Also put inline filters on
the downstream side of each pump.
2. I used 3/8 Goodyear marine fuel hose to run the feed lines to the engine
room. The aux tank line runs back to the rear crossmember and then both
lines run forward on the outside of the passenger framerail. I put them on
the outside to protect them from exhaust heat.
3. The 6 way tank selector valve is mounted on top of the passenger side
wheel well. It too is run by the dash selector switch.
4. The feed line out of the selector valve runs to a Wildchild accumulator.
I would have used the combination filter/accumulator that BC Bronco's now
has but Chuck didn't offer it at the time and I wasn't smart enough to think
of it myself.
5. The high pressure pump is also on top of the wheel well. This allows for
easy maintenance but is a bit noisy. Not as noisy as that #$%& flex fan
though. I used 3/8 Goodyear high pressure fuel injection hose between the HP
pump and a fuel injection filter and then to the fuel rail. I cut the metal
fuel line off just upstream of the fuel rail connector, flared the line
slightly and attached the rubber line using double hose clamps. (no
schraeder valve to test fuel pressure)
6. The 5/16 Goodyear marine fuel hose return line runs back along the top of
the fender to the accumulator, out of the accumulator to the 6 way valve and
then both return lines run back along the outside of the passenger frame
rail to their respective tank. I put a tee in each tank vent line and return
the fuel that way.
The low pressure pumps are Carter and the high pressure pump is a generic HP
pump sold by Napa. Any HP pump used on a Bosch type of fuel injection system
will work. I carry one from a 91 VW cabriolet for a spare. U Pull It yards
are full of them. I used Goodyear marine hose because I had it already and
it makes the Bronco fuel system Coast Guard approved! It is cheaper than
Aeroquip or Parker hose though not as pretty and is holding up nicely.

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I am pulling the old fuel line off today in preparation for the 5.0, I know
there has been allot of discussion lately on fuel lines, Can anyone point me
to any good write ups? I am looking at all the BE sites I have bookmarked
but coming up short.
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