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From: Dusty Sharp <>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 11:43:46 -0800

That IS a sheetmetal brake, just a different kind than you're used to. The
normal kind that people have on their workbenches is a "leaf brake". What
you're describing is a "press brake". Almost everything you buy thats
manufactured out of sheetmetal was bent on a big hydraulic press brake.
Leaf brakes are more common in air conditioning shops for bending light
guage sheet for ducts and such. Some bench top model press brakes such as
you described are available. The tooling you described are called a "punch"
(the upper "V") and "die" (lower "V"). Chuck's 1/4" rock skis are made on
huge 100 ton hydraulic press brakes. I used to work at a place that built
robotic press brake manufacturing cells. Some of the cells we built had
press brakes with 16' beds (the bed is the stationary tooling holder,
usually the bottom, while the piece which moves is called the "ram"...most
press brakes have downward-acting rams but some, most notably medium-duty
Amadas, have up-acting rams).

I guess that's more info than you wanted but what the hell.

Dusty Sharp
Riverside, CA

Early Bronco Brotherhood of Southern California

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> The other day I was at a local shop and spotted on one of their
> benches a small metal brake, not
> like a sheet metal brake but it was just a V that pressed into
> another V looked like it would do 1/8
> fairly easily and was about 10"s long. I thought to myself, self
> that would be a pretty handy little
> thing to bend your own brackets and what not with. Anyone know
> where to get such apparatus?
> Mike Bowlin
> 67 EB narrowed 8"s...sefi 5.0,700r4,4.3 atlasII
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