Re: Off Road for Hope Report

From: Stephen Urban <>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 11:58:30 -0800

Yeah she was cool. Did a good job too. That's the best way to build
continued support for us. Get your kids into it young. My grandson has
been wheelin since he was 3. Been driving the Bronco since 7. He loves it.

I would love to see some of the video if you can get it on the web.


Brian Smith wrote:

>The one that I liked though was the 14 year old girl driving her dads yellow jeep.
>>Tiger took his Bronco through. His time was a little over 5 minutes, but that included a tire change.
>Got the bead blowing on video. He was just saying the night before he still had not lost a bead.....guess it's better to do it infront of a lot of people.
>>Some idiot in a full size Blazer tried it but he ended up being winched off the course. He looked like he didn't even have a front locker!!!!
>Hell, he was OPEN front and rear. Don't know if many saw but the only tool he had for lugs was a 12" Cressent wrench. He was in way over his head. Luckly most of the other competitors were happy to help offering
>tools/parts/advice. We got some good pics and video of the event including the Bronco II that blew the front axel. You can see the parts flying. Also, I have seen, held, caressed and drooled over the new u-joint thet Chuck sells. VERY NICE!!!! Beautiful machine work. Looks like a piece of jewlry, maybe thats what I'll get my wife for vallentines day;-) Fun event, I'm sure I'll be back next year.
>Brian Smith
>Sacramento CA
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