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Oh my gosh!!
I was stuck as well on friday nite. Took a bit of work to get the RV unstuck, but I managed it with the help of Danielle my girlfriend. As I was digging the trailer out a little brown and black dog wandered up looking very lost. We were a long way 1/2 mile from anyone so we adopted her for the night. I dropped her off at the ranger station on sat morning before followng Joe Monroe on his run. We told the rangers we would take her if she wasn't claimed saturday by someone. Hard to believe it was one of our own.
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  I went to the Muscular Dystrophy event "Off Road for Hope" this last
  weekend at Ocotillo Wells. Had a good time even though it started bad.
  Right after I arrived on Friday I buried the RV. I was stuck GOOD!!
  After 2 hours of digging I had moved about 4 feet. A couple came over
  and offered to try to pull me out with their Jeep but needless to say
  that didn't work. Then they got a friend with a big truck and a PTO
  winch. That got me out but it still took an hour. Had to drag me back
  out of where I was and across the road till I was stuck on the other
  side so that they could then winch me from the front to get me on the
  road and facing the correct way. The guy that pulled me out was from
  CORVA (CA Off Road Vehicle Association), so I am the newest life member
  they have.

  By then it was late, and since I didn't know where anyone I knew was
  camped we stayed with the couple that helped us out. It's a small world
  I guess because while I was talking to the wife I found out that I knew
  her sister. I met her on the last "Hi Desert Roundup" while we were
  running "Pumpkin Eater". She is a competitor in the Rock Crawling
  competitions. She is sponsored by the company that makes the aluminum
  jeep bodies. JP something or other. We are supposed to go out
  Presidents Day weekend and watch her run the Women's Rock Crawling Event
  in Johnson Valley.

  Her sister came out on Sunday for a little competition they had in
  conjunction with the event. She smoked everyone, running the course in
  51 seconds!!!. Tiger took his Bronco through. His time was a little
  over 5 minutes, but that included a tire change. Some idiot in a full
  size Blazer tried it but he ended up being winched off the course. He
  looked like he didn't even have a front locker!!!!

  Friday night Dopey (our dog) wandered off and we almost didn't get her
  back. Turns out the rangers picked her up and were gonna take her to
  the pound but this family got her from them instead. At the raffle on
  Saturday the family made an announcement about her and we got her back.
  If we hadn't been there they were gonna keep her, boy were his kids
  disappointed when I showed up.

  I won three times during the raffle. The first time was a set of PIAA
  lights and some small stuff. While I was signing the paperwork for them
  I heard what I thought was one of my numbers. Turns out they called the
  very next number on my set of tickets. This time it was a set of
  Skyjacker shocks & steering stabilizer, $25 gift certificate from
  DayStar and some misc stuff. Then later I won again!! A set of (4)
  35x12.50x15 BFG MT's. All in all it was almost $1000 worth of stuff.
  The thing is I had just upgraded my Big O's to 35's the day before I
  went on the run. I ended up selling the BFG's for $400 to a guy that
  was sitting in front off me. That made his day cuz he really needed
  tires and it basically paid for what I spent when I upgraded mine. They
  had over $65K in prizes for the event. My tires weren't even one of the
  grand prizes.

  Since I had just changed my tires I only went on a moderate run. Just
  wanted to check out how they fit when I flexed. The Bronco sponsered
  run already had over 50 entries when I went to sign up. I didn't feel
  like wheelin behind that many vehicles so I went on the "Whole Enchilada
  run". This goes through a squeeze and then down "Heart Attack Hill", a
  steep down hill with a couple of holes that your tires drop into and
  make you feel like you're gonna go end over end. One girl said she
  almost peed her pants when her boyfriend went down. After everyone made
  it down the trail leader asked if anyone wanted to go back up it. I
  said sure and was the first one. No problem at all. There was a guy
  there that writes trail guides (Fun Treks). He is doing one on SoCal
  trails and was taking pics for it, so maybe I will be in his book.
  After I went up a Cherokee and a Land Cruiser came up, but none of the
  Jeeps would.

  Later on a guy in a Jeep passed thru our group while we were stopped
  helping a motorcyclist that crashed and burned. When we started out
  again we found him rolled over. He had gotten stupid going up this
  waterfall and got sideways then rolled. No damage except to his pride.
  Everyone else just drove right up it after we got him out of the way.

  I HIGHLY recommend this event to everyone. There are lots of runs and
  they are of varying difficulty so there is something for everyone. The
  event was very well organized, easy to get to and had a GREAT set of
  raffle prizes.

  Sorry I didn't get to hook up with more Bronco people while I was there,
  but I will be attending "Bronco Daze" in April.

  Steve Urban
  NRA & CRPA Life Member
  29 Palms, CA
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