Re: Re: [socalbroncos] Off Road for Hope Report

From: Stephen Urban <>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 15:32:48 -0800

That was her. Thanks for not leaving her out there.

After we got her back it was kinda funny. If you ever saw Apocalyps
Now, where the sailor gets off the river patrol boat, goes out into the
jungle and meets the tiger and then his mantra is "Never get off the
boat". That was Dopey, she DID NOT want to get out of the RV. Boy was
she glad when we got back home.


TL Green wrote:

>Oh my gosh!!
>I was stuck as well on friday nite. Took a bit of work to get the RV unstuck, but I managed it with the help of Danielle my girlfriend. As I was digging the trailer out a little brown and black dog wandered up looking very lost. We were a long way 1/2 mile from anyone so we adopted her for the night. I dropped her off at the ranger station on sat morning before followng Joe Monroe on his run. We told the rangers we would take her if she wasn't claimed saturday by someone. Hard to believe it was one of our own.
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