Re: 5.0 Fuel Lines

From: Kevin <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 06:04:28 -0800

Thanks for the reply, I must be blessed, I crawled under to see what I had
to work with and am in pretty good shape. The EB has a 23 gal tank with the
main line going to the selector valve and from the bottom of the valve to
the engine bay, From the other side back as a return line to the air vent
line, I also have a couple of spare barbs coming out of the tank that are
capped off.
  It looks like I need to pick up a couple of fuel pumps and start plumbing,
I've got a little time before I need to hook up fuel, Since I have all but
stripped it down to the tub :-) Got carried away, Now I'm thinking paint ;-O
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From: "Pat Kelly" <>
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Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 10:41 AM
Subject: Re: [EBML] 5.0 Fuel Lines

> Here is what I did FWIW.
> 1. Mounted an inline low pressure pumps on inside of driver side framerail
> for aux. tank and on the rear crossmember for main tank. These are
> on and off by the selector switch on the dash. Also put inline filters on
> the downstream side of each pump.
> 2. I used 3/8 Goodyear marine fuel hose to run the feed lines to the
> room. The aux tank line runs back to the rear crossmember and then both
> lines run forward on the outside of the passenger framerail. I put them on
> the outside to protect them from exhaust heat.
> 3. The 6 way tank selector valve is mounted on top of the passenger side
> wheel well. It too is run by the dash selector switch.
> 4. The feed line out of the selector valve runs to a Wildchild
> I would have used the combination filter/accumulator that BC Bronco's now
> has but Chuck didn't offer it at the time and I wasn't smart enough to
> of it myself.
> 5. The high pressure pump is also on top of the wheel well. This allows
> easy maintenance but is a bit noisy. Not as noisy as that #$%& flex fan
> though. I used 3/8 Goodyear high pressure fuel injection hose between the
> pump and a fuel injection filter and then to the fuel rail. I cut the
> fuel line off just upstream of the fuel rail connector, flared the line
> slightly and attached the rubber line using double hose clamps. (no
> schraeder valve to test fuel pressure)
> 6. The 5/16 Goodyear marine fuel hose return line runs back along the top
> the fender to the accumulator, out of the accumulator to the 6 way valve
> then both return lines run back along the outside of the passenger frame
> rail to their respective tank. I put a tee in each tank vent line and
> the fuel that way.
> The low pressure pumps are Carter and the high pressure pump is a generic
> pump sold by Napa. Any HP pump used on a Bosch type of fuel injection
> will work. I carry one from a 91 VW cabriolet for a spare. U Pull It yards
> are full of them. I used Goodyear marine hose because I had it already and
> it makes the Bronco fuel system Coast Guard approved! It is cheaper than
> Aeroquip or Parker hose though not as pretty and is holding up nicely.
> Pat
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> From: "Kevin" <>
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> Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 9:41 PM
> Subject: [EBML] 5.0 Fuel Lines
> I am pulling the old fuel line off today in preparation for the 5.0, I
> there has been allot of discussion lately on fuel lines, Can anyone point
> to any good write ups? I am looking at all the BE sites I have bookmarked
> but coming up short.
> Thanks
> Kevin
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