Re: Tire rack hinge?

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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 23:17:31 -0600

        I have been planning a spare tire carrier for quite a while. I
haven't gotten around to building it yet but I do know how I'm going to
build the hinges. In fact they are already built. I was inspired by the
guys putting up the fence at the Lowes Store where I toil for to long for
not enough pay. The garden center at Lowe's has huge steel gates. We
call them "Jurassic Park Lookin" gates. These are hinged with huge
barrel hinges. The weight of the gate is all that keeps these gates on
there hinges. These gates could be lifted apart if one where strong
enough. Remember this, we will come back to this later
        Anyway these hinges can be had for around 30 bucks a pair. They
are heavy duty tempered steel. Remember these hinges hold mufti ton
steel perimeter gates. They are over kill when it comes to our puny in
comparison 38 inch spare tires, gas cans, and anything else you want to
hang off the back. These hinges have a single ball bearing and grease
fitting in the bottom. This will insure easy operation and will be
trouble free.
        The only draw back is that these hinges are held together by the
weight of the gate. Did you remember from the first paragraph? This
obviously will not work on a Bronco. Even on a road poser like mine. To
solve this I had the machine shop that rebuilt my engine cut a groove
into the "male or top" end of the hinge. They then inserted a set screw
to through the female or bottom end to hold the pieces together. This
would have normally run around 10 bucks a hinge but they were in debt for
ruining my oil pan so they did it as a courtesy.
        The result is a kick ass aesthetic hinge that will most likely
out live your bronco and it can cost as little as 15-20 bucks. I don't
think a machine shop is necessary. I've seen some of the things you guys
have engineered and this is child splay compared to them. If you guys
have any question let em rip and if you want pictures I'll send em but
I'd really like someone to do a write up on this and post the pictures
for all bronco and J_at_#P Kind.

Take "Er Easy,
Jason Bauer
74 Ranger 1/2 cab
Independence, MO
On Sat, 9 Feb 2002 22:39:30 -0500 "Ben Toms" <> writes:
> My buddy at work built me a nice rear bumper with a tire rack last
> year. We
> were in kind of a hurry and ended up using a cut off hitch pin and a
> couple
> of bushings with set screws for the tire rack hinge. This still
> works but
> has gotten pretty loose and shaky. Any ideas on what to use to
> replace this
> the right way? Looking for something with bearings to weld up to the
> swing
> away rack to mount to the bumper. What do I need and where might I
> find it?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Ben Toms
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