Re: Tire rack hinge?

From: Stephen Urban <>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 21:44:49 -0800

When I had a tire carrier added to my custom bumper they used a piece of
1 3/4" hydraulic cylinder rod as the pivot. A hole was cut thru my
bumper and it was welded top and bottom. This is a very tough piece of
metal. The carrier is mounted to it by a metal tube, that is just
barely bigger in diameter then the rod, which fits over it. There is a
zerk fitting to keep it lubed. It carries the weight of a 35" tire and
two full gas cans and even with out bearings it opens smoothly.

Steve Urban
NRA & CRPA Life Member
29 Palms, CA
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Ben Toms wrote:

>My buddy at work built me a nice rear bumper with a tire rack last year. We
>were in kind of a hurry and ended up using a cut off hitch pin and a couple
>of bushings with set screws for the tire rack hinge. This still works but
>has gotten pretty loose and shaky. Any ideas on what to use to replace this
>the right way? Looking for something with bearings to weld up to the swing
>away rack to mount to the bumper. What do I need and where might I find it?
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Ben Toms
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