Welder options

From: bob davis <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 01:43:19 -0500

This has been kinda entertaining to follow. Some of the debate sounds like two rival camps of football fans.
I may be wrong but the differences are so insignificant that there is really no differences. Not to most of us saterdaynight welders. I personnally own a lincoln 200, But i have always loved Miller. I felt that it had a much smother arc with significantly less splatter. I used both for quite some time at the dealer to get some feel for how they worked.

My only advice would be for anyone looking to buy one to try it out, and if your local dealer wont let you then you need to find another dealer. If none of your local guys wont let you then rent one, that is the best way to be sure you get what you want. My local guy here let me try both out on any sized material I wanted just to see how I liked them, even though I had told him I might get one online. He knew that I had to get my consumables somewhare and that is whare he makes most of his money. I hope this helps.
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