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From: J. Garden <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:37:26 -0800

I am not a big fan of the hi pinion 9 inch...why? b/c it uses an 8.8 ring
gear instead of the actual 9 inch.

It seems that the hi pinion is not as strong as a 9 incher...I think Currie
will tell you this. That said, it will work for most folks wihtout any
problems. BUT, if you are going for the utmost in strength and durability I
would say stick with the std 9 inch. Realize that if you go with the 35 sp,
you will likely spend some extra $$ on your third member and locker.

Happy Trails,

Jack Garden
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The majority of the repsonses I got on my pinion seal leak was that I should
have a shop do most or all the work.
THe gears are already toast. The shop told me they only had a year of life
left 5 years ago ( and they did look bad). It's also time to move away
from the 28 spline axles.
Anyone have experience with the Currie High pinion.
What I am thinking of is going with the CHP with a detriot and 35 spline
axles. The 35s only appear to be 10$ more and you need a case that takes
bigger bearings anyhow. I think I would have a very hard time taking out
the 35 spline axles with my 5.0.

In the long run I hope to add a klunev/marlin crawler, I was thinking the
3.5 inches of clearence, and straighter driveshaft would be helpful too.

JUst in case.... anyone ever break 31 spline curries or mosers?

Tom Green
67 Bronco
5.0 SEFI, C4 Scout PS ARB, lockrite, 3.73s, On Board Air ( Tips on the SEFI conversion)

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