Fw: 63" Dynatrac frontend for sale

From: Brian Wickert <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:22:01 -0800

Since I got everyone all stirred up over D60's again, I thought I would pass
on this great deal I ran across.
I have not seen this D60 in person, but knowing Dynatrac, I'm sure it's a
fine piece!

Some of you have seen the super awesome "Fat City" EB! Well now that Jack
Reynolds has the Unimog portal frontend, his Dynatrac D60 is for sale cheap!
$2700 all setup for a EB. C-bushing wedges, high steer king pin arms, ARB,
63", 35 spline inner and outers. The pumpkin is a standard, not high
pinion. Looks like a killer deal for someone.

Contact Reynolds directly,
Brian Wickert
Hanford, CA

Think about how much fun you can have playing with it today, and what the
resale value will be tomorrow. Cause nothing is permanent on my vehicle!
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From: "john reynolds" <>
To: "Brian Wickert" <>
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 6:16 PM
Subject: Re: 63" Dynatrac frontend for sale

> The axle was built by dynatrac a couple years ago specifically for an E.B.
_at_ about $5k.
> Did one competition with it, (about 300 miles)
> It's driver side pig about 9 inchs off center.
> 35 spine to the end, 5 on 5.5, A.R.B.,4.88s std. rotation.
> High clearance tie rod.
> 63 inches ( stock bronco is 60)
> It has C mounts welded to it (for early bronco radious arms) which could
be cut off.
> I also have the bronco frame and very trick radious arms to match it
> The price is firm _at_ $2700, and sorry, I'm too busy to deliver.
> A few months ago I posted some pics in the want add section for a lot more
> It was under the name of JReynolds (inc).
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