Re: Flat towing

From: Tom Green <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 08:44:38 -0800 (PST)

Tips I would give you,
1) Make sure it is long enough that you can make a u turn without
running into the EB. ( that should be plenty long)
2) Mount it so that the tow bar is basically level on flat ground.
This will make stopping a bit better since the EB will push against you
rather than try to lift you up ( tow bar going up) or trying to climb
over you angled down. ( I'd go with a slight down angle over a slight
up angle) This is also important if you go though dips.

Personally I think that shorter tow bars would keep it more stable. I
think the farther back it gets the more leverage and momentum it would
gain to use against you. If you think about extremes, if you used a
20 foot tow bar when you turned the eb would be very noticeably pushing
the backend of your truck before it started to turn, and again when you
straightened out. WIth a short towbar it should hang right on your
tail. It will still push, but it will be easier to adjust for since it
will happen during the turn, and not after.
--- Brian Smith <> wrote:
> I'm looking for input on tow bar design. Would more distance between
> the
> tow vehicle and my bronco be more stable? I've towed it before and
> had no
> problems, but I'm going to Utah next month and would prefer to build
> something better than the bar I've borrowed in the past. Also,
> anyone have
> a good source for the coupler units?
> I've looked a little locally and have had little luck finding
> something that
> is rated to tow more than a Honda. A class III would work but I
> would
> prefer a IV hitch if I could find one.
> Thanks,
> Brian Smith
> Sacramento CA
> Duct tape, welder & a hammer,
> just make it work.
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