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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:55:11 -0800

You don't want it mounted to the floor or close because in a wreck it'll
compress your spine. The SCORE rulebook says to mount the harness 3" below
shoulders. Some people believe that mounting it like SCORE says can lead to
lower back injuries. The NASCAR rulebook and Bell Motorsports say that the
belt should be mounted 2" above the shoulder. Either way should be ok since
I don't see your bronco doing 100+mph into a wall or sand dune.

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How do you mount a racing harness? I have the RCI seats and am going to buy
the harness in a week or so. the question is, how do you mount the shoulder
strap in the Y harness? Is it necessary to mount it at shoulder height or
can you mount it closer to the floor. I am going to mount it to the cage
but, I want to be able to climb into the back seat.


David Black

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