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From: Dusenberry, Quinn <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:16:40 -0800

Huh? Where did that come from? If you're going to install Dana 60's front
and rear, why would you want to go back to 5x5.5"? The only reason to go
with 5x5.5", IMO, is if you have 1 axle with this pattern and the other axle
with the 1 ton 8 lug pattern. Then it makes some sense to try to put a 15"
rim on an axle designed for a 16 or 16.5" rim. It just seems to me like the
real way to solve this is to find 16.5" bead locks (or at least safety
beads) and skip converting the axles back to 5x5.5" and trying to fit 15"
rims on them. And from the looks of things, there are at least a few 16.5"
bead lock options. You can either get the Hummer rims (with or without a
different offset), the inflatable bead locks or the fiberglass rim build up.
You can also weld in your own safety bead to keep the tire from coming off.

Another idea I haven't pursued yet is to see if you can have someone like
Stokton Wheel or Champion Wheel make a 16.5" rim with a safety ridge.

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So, it would seem that maybe I should look at having all the machine work
done to change things to 5x5.5 wheel pattern? What is involved in this as
far as machine work, brakes, cost etc?

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