Re: '85 HO and Clutch Linkage

From: Brian Keeler <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 18:28:27 -0500

rjlougee wrote:

> Matt, there used to be a write up on about doing this exact
> thing. The newer blocks don't have that hole in them for the clutch
> linkage. It can be done by you, just take your time with the drilling
> and measurements to make sure you don't hit a water jacket in there.
> Here's what you do:
> 1. Install the bellhousing and get it tight.
> 2. Take the clutch bracket that bolts up to the block/bellhousing and
> bolt it up to the rear bolt.
> 3. Mark where the front bolt should be in the block. You may have to
> grind the area smooth to facilitate marking and drilling.
> 4. Drill and tap the appropriate sized hole in the block. I think it's
> 1/2" coarse thread.
> 5. You're in business.
> I did this to my 351W block and it worked fine for a couple of years,
> till I went with the ZF and hydraulic clutch. You could also get
> another bellhousing designed for an external slave cylinder and convert
> to a hydraulic clutch, but that's a lot more work than the one hole.
> Joe
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