Custom Soft Top Opinions wanted

From: Galen Weaver <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 16:42:32 -0800

Since I ma still unemployed I decided I may as well make that soft top I
have been planning. I bought the stuff a long time ago so it fits into my
"cheap projects" category that I am currently working on.

I posted a few pics at:

There is still much to be done as you can see but the hard part is complete.
The main section of the top is on and tight.
My idea is to make a soft top that is better than anything you can buy, as
water tight as possible, converts to a bikini top very quickly and is a over
all better fit for my bronco.

I need to make a decision before I go any further, do I want to:
A) make a half cab soft top ( the disadvantage of this is that the dog
looses a lot of head space)and a tonneau cover for the back
B) have the top follow the roll bar and then built a solid cover the
remaining rear part where I can store coolers and gear
C) make the top slant down all the way to the rear tail gate.

I left a lot of fabric on the end so I can do any of the above.
I am pretty happy with the results so far. The bikini top portion will
remain the way it is except I have to add some rain flaps over the doors.
The rear I will be able to entirely unzip just behind the main bar and I
will also be able to unzip just the center of the back section if I decide
to go with option B or C. I will also make some covers for just behind the
doors which will be removable on their own. I plan to put big windows in all
the back pieces for visibility.

E-mail me back with your opinion. I am basically asking which way you think
it will look better.

Sorry to say these will not be made in mass production for future sale. This
one fits my bronco great but would probably leak like a waterfall on your

Galen Weaver
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