700R4 for sale

From: kincade bauer <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:02:34 -0700

hey all - i've got a line on a newly rebuilt 700r4 with the goodies
(upgraded servos, clutch pack, bands, etc.etc.) - along w/ a $500
torque converter - 1850 rpm stall speed, torrington bearings, furnace
brazed, 2.7:1 torque multiplication. it will be for sale in about 2
weeks. the tranny AND torque converter will be between $1000 and
$1200 - it should be a stout setup, good for up to around 400
flywheel horsepower - great for a bronco 700r4 conversion or another
vehicle. located in SLC, Utah - will ship on a pallet either UPS or
forward air. contact me offline if you are interested.
Kincade Bauer, Darkhorse
Discount Advance Adaptors Dealer:
700R4 behind a small-block ford:
-1973 Bronco
Kenne Bell Supercharged/Fuel Injected 5.0 [bypass, 8#'s, 36# 
injectors, Kenne-Bell switch chip, T-rex 50/70 with Carter 98 gph l/p 
pusher, 80MM Ford MAF, 65MM Accufab TB, J&S Ultra-Safeguard] 700R4, 
AtlasII 4.3:1, Detroit/ARB w/ 5.13's, Full-Width Axles, 35" MTR's, 
AGR close-ratio box/pump, 28 year old paint
-1989 Mustang 5.0 LX, stock
Received on Mon Feb 11 2002 - 19:09:14 MST

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