Power steering question

From: Paul Bauer <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:57:30 -0600

Hi guys,
   I am finally nearing getting ready to install my power steering. I have a
'76 box with it's mating lower steering shaft, a '73 power steering upper
shaft that will slide right into my column(I have a '73 with manual steer),
and my just acquired '73 power steer pitman arm. My question is that the '76
lower shaft has the same end on it as the '73 upper shaft where the rag
joint goes between, can I just go ahead and connect the 2 shafts together
and go or do I have to get the '73 lower shaft to make it work. I have it
somewhat assembled on the shop floor and I think it will work. In '73 power
steer the lower shaft has the bar and the upper shaft has the large washer
thingy and '76 power steer the column has the bar and the lower shaft has
the large washer thingy. I want to connect both large washer thingys
together. Is that ok? Have I confused anybody? I am getting desperate to get
it installed as you can tell and don't want to have to buy anymore parts.
And can anybody tell me wich port on the power box is the return port? Also
can the factory u-joint be serviced or does it have to be completely
replaced by somthing else? Whats the least expensive way to replace it? Any
help would be appreciated. Thanks.

'73 Bronco, '85 5.0 HO, soon to be power steering.

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