Re: [Bfix] Rear four link suspension question

From: Gordon Bishop <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:35:08 -0800

If this is for your sunbeam then get the Book by Paul Van Vaulkenburg Racecar
engineering I think. That is the quickest way to get everything setup how you
want for solo I Solo II type stuff. If you want to understand everything in
more depth or get a good idea of what you want in a 4x4 get "race car vehicle
dynamics" by Miliken and Miliken. It is a text book, plan on spending some
time with it and it helps if you have an engineering background.

On a totally different note, on a single day I got to ride around sears point
in a GT40 and a Sunbeam tiger. The sunbeam was a much more exciting ride. I
love those cars.

Kevin Lackey wrote:

> A little off topic but,
> anyone know a good book or refernce for designing a triangulated rear four
> link suspension for street use?
> Kevin
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