Bronco and Everything With it For Sale

From: <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 00:32:29 EST

Hello All:

          Well its come to be... I never thought I would have to do this but
I am looking to buy my own home and I need to let go of the Bronco... And if
I am letting go of the Bronco I am going to get rid of everything Bronco that
I have to go along with it...
- Well its a 73 Bronco, the front clip is pretty beat but new '
  fenders, hood and grill and it would look as good as new.
- 351 windsor, all it could use is a new
   Carb, the one on its kinda wore out I think, but runs damn
   strong(done right)
- Brand New Rebuilt C4 Tranny with less then 300 miles on it
- Completly Rebuilt Front end with James Duff Disk Brake
- Custom Power Brakes
- Completly Rebuilt Rear end including new everything (bearings
   and so on)
- Custom Tunnel Cover with 4x4 shifter conversion
- Almost new B&M Mega Shifter
- New Tranny Cooler
- Newly Rebuilt Radiator 300 miles maybe on it
- New Alternator (about 2 months old)
- New Battery (about 2 months old)
- Brand New Belt (2 weeks old)
- Drive lines newly Balanced and re-capped
- Aluminum Alloy Rims x5
- running on almost new Big O ATs 33x12.5 (x5)
- Rear Tire Carrier Rienforced
- Full Soft Top
- Bikini Top
- New Headlamps
- Electric Door Locks
- Hornet Alarm that controls the Door locks
- Roll Bar
- Door Pins
- Rear Over Load Springs
- 3.5 Inch Rancho Lift
- 3" Body Lift
- All origional Seats front and rear
- Custom Cut Speaker Holes with JBL Seperates

Many Many Many Extras (buyer takes all the goodies)
- 3 sets of columns (2 auto and 1 manual
- Dipped and Powder Coated Frame (was going to do a frame up)
- 2 other sets of Rims (1 chrome set 1 factory set)
- lots of insignias
- a full Smog Set up Canister and all
- A Power Steering box that needs rebuild
- Power steering Pump in exelent Shape
- Drop Bracket to Go along with the Frame for a 3.5 inch Lift
- Entire Bucket of Misc Screws Bolts and Nuts (have parted out
   many Broncos)
- Extra Radiator Core
- Extra Transfer Case
- Many Of the Harnesses and A fuse Block
- A 9 inch rear end I belive its the big gear rear end
- I have a Transfer Case Skid Plate
- Almost New Grant Steering Wheel with all the parts
- Chilton Manual
- Whole Shit Load of Extra Manuals
- Boxes of Extra Little Parts
          Too Much Stuff in the Garage to Remember it all, but I think I
listed about all the big things. I am looking to get 7500.00 for all this
stuff... I think that this is a pretty fair Price for all of this stuff...
So if anyone is interested Please Email me at I am
in Redding Ca. its about 2.5 hours North of Sacremento... No I will not sell
things individually... If I sell My Bronco I want it all gone... I think
you all could understand that one...

Robert Gentile
Received on Mon Feb 11 2002 - 22:32:47 MST

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