Re: Harness mounting questions

From: phil moulton <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:10:23 -0800

best is on a bar welded on your roll cage just below shoulderblades.. also
have seat plated threw floor or best yet to rollcage as well.. you do not
want a "Y" harness but a two shoulderstrap type. with out a quick release
button if you be playin in mud or sand
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Subject: [EBML] Harness mounting questions

> How do you mount a racing harness? I have the RCI seats and am going to
> the harness in a week or so. the question is, how do you mount the
> strap in the Y harness? Is it necessary to mount it at shoulder height or
> can you mount it closer to the floor. I am going to mount it to the cage
> but, I want to be able to climb into the back seat.
> Thanks,
> David Black
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