RE: [Bfix] Metal fuel lines

From: John McDaniel <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:54:02 -0500

I ran standard metal brake tubing, 3/8 inch I believe, from my tank
selector to the rear, along the frame. It was real easy to bend into
the same form as the stock plastic lines and it fit into the existing
fuel line clamps along the frame. I was extremely happy with the

John McDaniel
Sarasota, FL
74 Blue/White 302 Power Nothing!

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Subject: [Bfix] Metal fuel lines

I want to run metal fuel lines and was wondering what tubing to use. I
am not going to use fittings at the ends I just want to get rid of those
plastic lines that are in their now. Should I used all rubber lines
instead? Where can I get it? Could I use something picked up at home
depot? Copper tubing?

Galen Weaver
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