Re: RE: [EBeast] Serpentine conversion info

From: Brian Wickert <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 12:32:11 -0800

I'm pretty sure all the later 351W's had the 28 oz. 4-bolt damper. The
302/5.0L went to serpentine early 80's, so that may be the ticket.

You can also try calling March Pulley, or FRPP.

Brian Wickert
Hanford, CA

Think about how much fun you can have playing with it today, and what the
resale value will be tomorrow. Cause nothing is permanent on my vehicle!
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Subject: [EBML] RE: [EBeast] Serpentine conversion info

> The search for info doesn't seem to be going well, so I'll ask a
> specific question and see what I can piece together then post the
> results. As I said before, I've got a 78 block, which has a 4 bolt 28 oz
> imbalance dampner on it. So my question is, what years still had the
> 28oz imbalance, but had a serpentine crank pulley? I'm either looking to
> pull the dampner + pulley or find a crank pulley that'll fit my dampner.
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