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From: chuck <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:09:27 -0800

I have done this with starter fluid and WD-40. They both work,
spray the fluid into the hole between the tire and rim. I have
done this maybe 30- 40 times and only had 1 bad experance doing
it, the last time I did it the tire did not inflate but it did
catch on fire. Lots of fun tring to put it out. No water, no
shovel no dirt.
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>Date: 2/12/02 2:56:55 PM

>Could someone explain this in a little more detail. I am not
> how this works. Did they spray ether on the inside of the
tire? On the
>rim? Not that I want to run out and give it a shot but if I
was ever in a
>situation where worse came to worse I would like to know how
to do it.
>>>> "Keith Forrest" <> 02/12/02 02:58PM
> That is one of the many useful tricks that Uncle Sam taught
me. It will
>set the bead and air up the tire to operating pressure in 1
>movement. I have also witnessed a split rim deuce and a half
 tire destroy
>a safety cage and truck parked next to it when it let go. Oh
the memories.
>Keith Forrest
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