RE: [Bfix] May be moving to Fort Bragg

From: Benjamin J. Franklin <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 21:01:06 -0500

Wheeling is slim pickins around that part of the world at least from what I
have been told? I live two hours south of there and about the only good
place for wheeling is tellico. and it is a good drive from Fayetteville
(sp?) NC! I am not sure how far Paragon is from Fayetteville NC?
Fayetteville is flat for the most part as compared to CO-UT? I beleive I
would stay out west if it's an option? I regret leaving Colorado myself! If
your coming though, Happy to have you in the neighborhood!
 Got a buddy that has a coffee shop in old town Fayetteville, great
stuff,great place!

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Subject: [Bfix] May be moving to Fort Bragg

Hello in Broncoland!!

Today I found out that I may be moving to Fort Bragg, NC area around
Christmas this year. I'd like to find out who's in that general area,
better places to live near there (within 45 min), places to wheel (I can
finally make it to Tellico!!), etc... Any information is greatly

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