Re: [Bfix] EFI conversion wiring harness prices (FRPP) poll

From: rjlougee <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 19:54:31 -0700

When I got mine in March 2001, I checked around on the net and the best
prices I could find were at Southwest Ford ( I
paid $425 for all the new wiring. Here are the part numbers:

$200 M-12071-C302 is the main harness.
$150 M-12071-E302 is the engine/injector harness.
$75 M-12071-K302 is the sensor kit.

The D302 is the relay package. These relays are now included in the
K-302 kit.

This place also charges like $5 to handle the order, but no shipping
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