Dewalts XRP

From: Mike Bowlin <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:58:40 -0700

 My ever so weak little 7.2volt makita cordless drill finally gave up on me the other day( I got it
in 1988) so I went to home depot to buy a dewalt 18volt cordless, just like a used at work everyday.
While I was checkin em out the guy in that department came over and starting talking to me about
them. He recommended the 12 volt XRP over the home owners 18volt, I thought to myself, yeah right a
12 volt is really gonna do the job I need it for. The XRP comes with 100% steel gears and a three
speed transmission, a ratchet locking 1/2 chuck that really locks down on the bit, and puts out an
advertised 350 in/lbs of torque. Anyway what did I have to loose home depot offers 30 full money
back guarantee if not satisfied so I took the 12 volt home. Long story short it really whips the
lama's ass and is a whole lot lighter than the 18volt and is 10 bucks cheaper. If your in the market
for a cordless drill I would recommend taking a look at this one.
Mike Bowlin
67 EB narrowed 8"s...sefi 5.0,700r4,4.3 atlasII
Received on Wed Feb 13 2002 - 09:57:31 MST

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