EFI Wiring Questions ?

From: Kevin <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:07:52 -0800

Here is what I have: My 69 is currently wired with a Centech BR-10A harness (great harness by the way) and I am about ready to drop the 5.0 in, I have the Mustang Injector harness with the two large plugs that connect at the back of the engine, And the A9L EEC-IV.Here is my parts combo and dilemma, On this 93 5.0 HO I am running a Explorer Upper, I am using the Mustang fuel rail and the Explorer water rail, So I have a mis match of connectors, Also I have elected to leave off the EGR spacer! What additional harness will I need ?? I am not sure yet all the sensors I will need. So any advise would be greatly appreciated .
PS I am running a C-4 if that matters.
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