RE: Late Model Bronco Fuel Injection

From: Benjamin J. Franklin <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:12:44 -0500

Grab the motor but the injection system is too tall to fit in the Eb even
with a hood scoop, not sure about the wiring and computer?

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Is the fuel injection setup from a late model Bronco a desirable setup for
an Early Bronco? If not, why? I've never heard much on that swap, mostly
Grand Marquis, Crown Vic. etc...I know a guy that wants to get rid of his
'89 that his son hit a pole with. The roof and windshield frame are damaged
and he justs wants to get rid of it. He'll give it away to someone that can
use it. It has an Eddie Bauer interior, for whatever that's worth. Front
seats fair, rear is very good. It's right outside of Boston. I'd like to
take the FI setup if it's worth the effort. Would anyone else be interested
in the rest of the vehicle??

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