Re: Late Model Bronco Fuel Injection

From: Tom Green <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:13:54 -0800 (PST)

The truck style FI setups have 2 main flaws. First they are batch fire
systems and not SEFI, but that can be fixed by swapping in a different
computer. The big problem is that they sit up too high. The hood
won't close on your bronco if you put it in.
--- David Senatore <> wrote:
> Is the fuel injection setup from a late model Bronco a desirable
> setup for
> an Early Bronco? If not, why? I've never heard much on that swap,
> mostly
> Grand Marquis, Crown Vic. etc...I know a guy that wants to get rid of
> his
> '89 that his son hit a pole with. The roof and windshield frame are
> damaged
> and he justs wants to get rid of it. He'll give it away to someone
> that can
> use it. It has an Eddie Bauer interior, for whatever that's worth.
> Front
> seats fair, rear is very good. It's right outside of Boston. I'd like
> to
> take the FI setup if it's worth the effort. Would anyone else be
> interested
> in the rest of the vehicle??
> Thanks,
> Dave
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