help!! dreaded bronco lean?? - long

From: Mark <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 00:01:59 -0700

I have a question to the experts regarding bronco lean.
I put a 3.5" lift on my truck a little over a year ago, since then it has
sat perfecly level, all was well, Until last monday. I was just messing
around that afternoon on my way home and drove through a large snowbank. no
problem. Then later that night I go to get in the bronco and notice its
leaning to the passenger side about 3"
So, I have spent about a week trying to figure aout what the heck is going
on. I have taken off both the front and rear springs and swapped them side
to side-no difference, taken off all the shocks loosened, kicked, cursed.
Then I decided out of desperation to loosen the c-bushing caps. upon doing
so, the truck leveled out to about 1" leaning. When I tighen it back up, it
goes back to 3" lean. I have heard of it after just installing new bushings
but what the heck?
So I guess the question is has anyone else experienced this kind of bronco
lean? would a c-bushing suddenly cause this kind of failure after a year?
I have ordered a new set of c-bushings as its the only thing I hav'nt tried
yet, but I am looking for help.
The bushings in question are duffs polyurethane I installed them with the
kit about a year ago?
Thanks in advance
Received on Wed Feb 13 2002 - 17:20:20 MST

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