Wire harness

From: james jollimore <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:20:35
Hello All,
 I'm buying parts to start rebuilding my wifes Bronco, and am looking at wiring harnesses. I've noticed there are only two harnesses to get and they are Centec and Painless. I can order the Centec from about any Bronco place for $425. I went to an off road place in Portland and they have the Painless for $339. My 'save-a-buck' side say's go Painless, But the side that says there has to be a reason for the extra $85 says buy that. I've heard some bad about the Painless from some friends, But haven't even heard of Centac until I started looking for a harness for the Bronco. There was a write up on the Painless kit being installed in a '68 Bronco in a parts warehouse magazine that looked like the kit was better than I've been told.
 Does anybody have one of these two kits that I can look at that lives in Portland or in South Seattle (Kent E. Hill area)? I would like to look at both kits and hound somebody with questions about install and stuff.

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