Suspension Questions

From: Michael Dodd <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:56:32 +0000

Hello Everyone!
   I have some questions on suspensions.. My step dad and I are building
Bronco number 3, and this time it is for him.. He wants the best. The drive
train has already been picked out, but we are stuck on the suspension. Here
is what he is looking for:
something that is jaw dropping offroad.. Wants really good flex and
At the same time, he wants something that if he wanted to jump into the
bronco and drive 300 miles he could do it in style. Before I go any further,
any ideas?

Now.. we have been looking at coil-overs.. Bilstien, King, ect., but we have
been told that they do not have very good on road performance. Any comments
by people running coil-overs?
We have also looked at quarter elliptic springs from Avalanche Engineering.
These seem to give great flex, but I am curious about the on road
characteristics. How do they handle?
Last but not least, we are looking at the standard leafspring and coil
spring setup. I have a Wild Horses suspension on mine, and I like how it
handles. He is looking for more flex. We are thinking about the BC broncos
adjustable radius arms, pivoting leaf spring purchases, and some shackles..
Anyone running something like this?

I guess in all I am looking for any advice from people that are running
lifts. Total suspension lift is going to be about 3 inches, with a 2 inch
body. Any advice and/or ideas will be greatly appreciated!!
Mike Dodd

PS. We are selling his Jeep. I have mentioned it before, but the price has
been coming down. It can be viewed at if anyone is interested, let
me know and I can get you full details. I also have a few pictures up of my
bronco at I will post some more as I
get closer to completion.

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