Re: Late Model Bronco Fuel Injection

From: rjlougee <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 18:02:18 -0700

The EFI setup from the LMBs is OK to use, similar to the SEFI setups in
the Crown Vics, etc... but the intake is WAY too large to fit under the
hood of an EB. There is NO way to make it fit without a hole in the
hood. I ran this system for about a year until I could afford a GT-40
intake that would fit it under the hood.

Pluses vs. the Crown Vic type:
1. It uses the 19# injectors.
2. May be easier to come by.

Minuses vs. The Crown Vic:
1. Less upgradeable. You can't just swap a couple of wires in the
harness and add the SEFI EEC. (Bank# 1 is one wire)
2. The Crown Vic intake will easily fit under the hood.

The SEFI system in the Crown Vics use 14# injectors, but can be fairly
easily upgraded to MAF.

You can just get the Crown Vic upper, lower and TB to make it fit.

Batch fire means that a series of injectors are fired at a time, insted
of each injector firing timed to closely coincide with the valve
opening. The batch for the LMBs is Bank# 1 then Bank# 2. Both banks
are fired twice per cycle, the SEFI only once. Bank# 1 is cylinders 1,
4, 5, and 8.
David Senatore wrote:
> Is the fuel injection setup from a late model Bronco a desirable setup for
> an Early Bronco? If not, why? I've never heard much on that swap, mostly
> Grand Marquis, Crown Vic. etc...I know a guy that wants to get rid of his
> '89 that his son hit a pole with. The roof and windshield frame are damaged
> and he justs wants to get rid of it. He'll give it away to someone that can
> use it. It has an Eddie Bauer interior, for whatever that's worth. Front
> seats fair, rear is very good. It's right outside of Boston. I'd like to
> take the FI setup if it's worth the effort. Would anyone else be interested
> in the rest of the vehicle??
> Thanks,
> Dave
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