Re: Dewalts XRP-vs Milwaukee

From: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:11:53 EST

For what its worth, I just bought the two speed DeWalt DW 954 14.4 volt
(3/8ths). I was going to buy the 12 but this was $144 vs 119 for the twelve
so I figured I use a lot of big wood spades (5/8ths, 3/4" etc plus also drive
lag bolts and the extra power might come in handy. I'll say this though-
I've used a 7 volt Stanley for about 10 years and relied on my cord jobs for
the heavy duty stuff. 12 is probably plenty as long as you have a battery in
the charger.. While I love my trustee old Milwaukee sawsall, I think from
what I have read the deWalt cordless jobs have the slight edge- at least they
did when Wood magazine did a comparison in 99. Either way I'm sure you'll be
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