Re: [Bfix] Welder Miller 210

From: Ben Saunders <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 18:27:03 -0700

Mine is set up on a 30 amp breaker and I have had no problems - even tried
it at full power to test on some half inch plate - never popped the
breaker. I am on a slightly different circuit than you though - I ran 6ga
to my garage and put in a sub panel, then 6ga to my two "welder" outlets -
I have 254volts at the outlet, so for the same watts I don't need to pull
as many amps as someone with only 220v. The owners manual calls for a
maximum of 30 amp time delay or 40 amp standard breaker at 230volts. It is
rated for a maximum consumption of 27.1A at 230v.

I was thinking about selling the spool gun until I got started using the
welder, its so much better than the old 110v I was using that I am coming
up with all kinds of ideas for using it - including making my own fan
shroud and some skid plates - for those I will probably use alum (steel
re-enforcements on the skids). Either way I am sure you can find a use for
the spool gun, but if not - It could by a set of nice alloy axles.....

- Ben Saunders
'74 Bronco - Colorado - Setrab coolers, Corbeau seats,
Firestik antennas, K-4 switches, Mechanix wear, CTM u-joints....... - personal page in the works

At 02:28 PM 2/13/2002, Todd wrote:
>I just got a Miller 210 with the free spool gun. The local shop still had
>6 in stock with the spool gun for $1200, 5 now :). I had a cheap little
>220v mig that didn't work that great. I can't wait to try the new one.
>I want to hook it up to the 220v dryer plug in my garage but the amp
>rating is only 30 amps and I was told that you should use a minimum of 40
>amps and preferably 50 amps. Will it work on 30 amps until I get some
>rewiring done or should I wait? What wire should I use for a 50 amp circut?
>I was thinking about making some money back by selling the spoolgun but I
>don't want to regret it if I need it for something later. I can't really
>think of anything I would need to weld in aluminum or stainless. What
>does everyone else think?
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