4sale set of primo non damaged EB doors with hardware sans hinges worth?

From: <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:52:32 EST

Cn send e pics. They are in Cent CA. will ship but wont guarantee safety
unless insured. They are a very light green(new paint) swing away mirrors no
damage or bondo, they have all hardware minus hinges(I used them) and inner
panels, I have a set of Blue door panels that I will sell if you really want

Mauricio 'MO' Mayorga
Clovis, CA
63 F-100
64 Datsun Uni-body (1 of 1000 made)
67 1/2 cab uncut stocker
89 Bronco II (my daily now that the 75 is getting the new GT-40ed 351w)
75 Bronco Ranger (Metallic Medium Blue w/ Wimbledon White top)
Some rust as many do. 302 (Muy tired), Rebuilt C-4 (extra clutches, shift kit
and HD torque converter), Stock P/S w/ saginaw canned ham pump SS hardlines
and plate cooler), 5.5" StupidStiff suspension lift with Radius Arm dropdown
Brackets(be gone soon), 3" Bodylift blocks(intended for a fullsize Bronco,
thicker and HD,
38.5" x 14.5" x 15" TSL/SX SuperSwampers on 15" x 10" Prime Tri Spokes, Big
Bronco body mount poly bushings(bigger and 3/4" taller over stock EB poly's),
Larger 1/2" grade 8 mounting Hardware, Cut Rockers and Duff flares stretched
and trimmed bolted on so they can be removed, Custom Front shock hoops, 4
Rancho 9000's up front on in cab remote mounted can up(to protect the
reservoir), Adjustable Trac Bar,
Custom F-150 Tie rod and draglink, F-150 donated knuckles w/new hubs rotors
and calipers and extened SS brakelines, Rebuilt 77 EB brake booster and
Lincoln Continental Disc/disc MC, Howe aluminum racing radiator with pusher
fan(removed hood latch) Autofab hoodpins, Hood is louvered and bubble molded
in and holes cut into the sides, Lincoln Continental electric HP air
compressor(not as fast as the a/c compressor but easy), Heavily modified
ConFerr safari rack with 7 Bulldog clamps and 4, 8" Pro Comp lights, Electric
mirrors off an 80's LTD(just like the original EB's),
Tilt steering column off 85 E-250 van(needed with the b-lift), Grant Ergo
steering wheel
Real smoked glass on hard top, Modified glovebox (Thanks Jon for the hinge
trick) to clear the rollcage, Stock restored front bench with NOS houndstooth
cloth, Custom prerunner bumpers front and back with 5/8" shackles w/builtin
receiver hitch,
Many things that need to be still installed, when time permits>>>>>>>>
Received on Wed Feb 13 2002 - 22:52:47 MST

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