Dewalt tools have my vote....They support us

From: Drew Peroni <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 01:49:43 -0500

Dewalt tools are made by B&D, but are geared toward the professional (rugged
workhorse), whereas the B&D line is geared toward the home consumer (lower
cost, less durable).

I have a couple DW 402 4.5" grinders (one for grinding, one for wire wheel
that way I don't switch back and forth when on a job), a DW871 chop saw, a
3/8" corded drill and a circular saw. Thrilled with all of them for the
several years I have used and abused them. They have outlasted Porter Cable
and Ryobi products I have owned by far.

Another thing I like is that a friend of mine who was a fellow Engineer
where I work left and went to work for DeWalt (their world headquarters is
just down the road from where I work). Our club made a request for
sponsorship of our Bronco event last fall and we received a grinder combo
pack (DW 402 grinder and 30 wheels), a dozen chop saw blades, and 20 bonded
abrasive flap discs. This is all worth close to $500! I don't know of any
other power tool company that has supoported our community like this, so my
money is with them! Granted, having an "in" helped, it always does, but we
never expected that type of support. I encourage all who are riding the
fence on a new tool purchase to support those who support us.

Thanks Dewalt!

Drew Peroni
President, Mid-Atlantic Early Broncos
Event Chairman, 4th Annual East Coast Bronco Roundup
Received on Wed Feb 13 2002 - 23:44:40 MST

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