From: Brian Keeler <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 08:07:29 -0500

My 8274 kicks. Not only strong but gets you out FAST! The only bad thing is
that it sticks up and restricts air flow into your grill and the mounting
bracket can add extra cost to your winch bumper. The 9500 seems good all
around, cheaper, easier to mount, low profile and above average in performance.
But if you have to have the best, the 8274 is the one IMO.

Micha wrote:

> A friend of mine has a Warn 8274 the 8,000 pounder which is plenty for an EB
> but here's the kicker if he adds a snatch block it will double your pulling
> power and still have a line recovery speed comparable to the higher weight
> rated winch's.Just my two cents worth.
> micha
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