RE: [Bfix] Dewalt tools have my vote....They support us

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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 07:32:57 -0800

I just finished burning up my 1/2" drive Dewalt drill. Still runs, but
smokes and shoots sparks. I did it mixing up Thinset for a tile project at
home, but then again I've had the thing for 2+ years and used the hell out
of it. Overall very happy with it. I've also got a Dewalt chop saw that is
super nice and works like a champ.

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I'll agree for the most part except that in the past few years some of
tools slipped a little in quality. One example is the 5" variable speed
orbit sander. I have an older version,mid 90"s, made by B&D when they had
their "Professional" line in the gray plastic casing. Same product as
Dewalts. A friend of mine has one of the new variable speed units and the
switch went in about a month and the redesigned dust collection bag ripped
about the same amount of time. Also they no longer offer the model with the
PSA pad only the hook-loop pad. I prefer the PSA pad,the sandpaper is a lot
less expensive and you don't have to worry about the hook-loop pad wearing
causing the disks to come flying off. I do like their cordless drills,they
have a nice feel balance wise, even though I have a Porter Cable 14.4V 1/2"
hammer/drill version.

Drew Peroni wrote:

> Dewalt tools are made by B&D, but are geared toward the professional
> workhorse), whereas the B&D line is geared toward the home consumer (lower
> cost, less durable).
> I have a couple DW 402 4.5" grinders (one for grinding, one for wire
> that way I don't switch back and forth when on a job), a DW871 chop saw, a
> 3/8" corded drill and a circular saw. Thrilled with all of them for the
> several years I have used and abused them. They have outlasted Porter
> and Ryobi products I have owned by far.
> Another thing I like is that a friend of mine who was a fellow Engineer
> where I work left and went to work for DeWalt (their world headquarters is
> just down the road from where I work). Our club made a request for
> sponsorship of our Bronco event last fall and we received a grinder combo
> pack (DW 402 grinder and 30 wheels), a dozen chop saw blades, and 20
> abrasive flap discs. This is all worth close to $500! I don't know of any
> other power tool company that has supoported our community like this, so
> money is with them! Granted, having an "in" helped, it always does, but we
> never expected that type of support. I encourage all who are riding the
> fence on a new tool purchase to support those who support us.
> Thanks Dewalt!
> Drew Peroni
> President, Mid-Atlantic Early Broncos
> Event Chairman, 4th Annual East Coast Bronco Roundup
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