lift dilemma

From: William Sharp <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:50:14 -0600

I am seeking the advice of the list concerning lift height on my 70 EB. I
was planning on going with 3 1/2" 11-pac B.C. rear leafs, and the B.C. 3
1/2" front coils, with a 3" body lift. I always felt that you were better
off gaining lift via a body lift over suspension, in order to keep the
center of gravity down? I like the B.C. 'Spring Rockers' that Chuck sells,
however, these will add another 2" to the rear, so I would have 5 1/2" lift
in the rear, and would have to go with 5 1/2" coils in front. I also have a
twin stick Dana 20 (which I haven't installed yet). My question is, how
much body lift do I need to make room for the twin stick t-case shifter?
Secondly, with 35's and a 5 1/2" sus lift & say a 1" or 2" body lift (for
the twin stick), would this combo be too high for trail usage - meaning
higher center of gravity = easier roll over? A lot of folks I have talked
to on the list argue that the 3 1/2" sus is the way to go, along with a 2"
or 3" body lift. Any input is appreciated!

W. Sharp
Wilmette, IL
70 & 71 EB's

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