hummer rims just came in!

From: hotrod069 <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:35:05 -0600

I just recieved my hummer rims from West TX Offroad. 5 rims ($45.00 each), $265.00 with shipping to my door! My previous supplier has still not gotten his shipment in and he sells them for $35-40.00 each. West TX offroad sells them for $50.00 each.

The beadlock option is still up in the air. I contacted Daniel at and he also sells the rims for $50.00 each, has the rubber (wont work with the 8 lug retainer rims I got) beadlocks for $20.00 each, and the magnesium beadlocks/ runflats for $50.00 each if I remember correctly.

Point of interest: the magnesiums were confirmned to be actual dual internal beadlocks by Daniel, but they will eat up the tire from the inside below 12psi, per Pat Gremillion who I talked to at Las Cruses, unless you trim off the ribbed area. Magnesium will burn for days so be careful if you go with this option. Pat did cut down the mag' set, but testing is still not theory they should work like this. The guy who cut the ribs off for him did set himself on fire with the mag' dust when he cut the beadlocks down, then had a spark that ignited the dust on his clothes. No injuries...just scary.

I hope this is informative for anyone seaking hummer rim/ beadlock info.

Jody Kunze
Received on Thu Feb 28 2002 - 11:34:44 MST

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