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From: Dale Bergersen <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:13:20 -0700

Welcome to the Bronco disease Phill!
There's no off/on with front lockers, don't think anyone will argue that... In extremely low traction situations-like loose rocky hillsides, A locked front in 4wd will claw-and break traction rendering steering useless. As the tires churn the truck may slowly drift down the fall line... a flick of the switch unlocks the air locker steering is right where you need it.
I just finished upgrading my rear end (thank you very much) The ARB is on my wish-list for the front ultimately.

Dale Bergersen
>Hey all
>What's going on ? My name is Phill ,
>I was wondering what your opinions on the ARB air lockers are ? I am getting conflicting answers about them ,
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