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From: Dusty Sharp <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 20:39:19 -0800

phillopian squrt...that's pretty good!

Can't offer much help on the ARB, except that someday I'll have to choose
between one and the OX locker myself. I was leaning OX but I've recently
heard some disparaging tesitmonial regarding the OX and may be leaning ARB
now. The ARB has many years of R&D, trial and error behind it, which the OX
doesn't have yet.

BUT, I can help you in another matter, by encouraging you to join So Cal
Broncos. The Early Bronco Brotherhood of Southern California functions as
an email list, much like the EBML but with a local So Cal focus that fosters
a lot of comraderie between EB fanatics in the area. We've got 119 members
(some are lurkers from out of the area, but all are welcome) so far. We
just completed a run to Calico and are now putting together runs to Joshua
Tree in May and to Big Bear in June, and So Cal Broncos members are meeting
up at Fab Fords, Bronco Daze, TDS (this weekend), Pomona Swap Meet, Curt le
Duc's Off Road Swap Meet (if it happens), Angelo's in OC every Friday night,
the So Cal Broncos chat room every Teusday night, beer and steaks just about
anywhere any time. Plus, we need access to your stash of parts! If you'd
like to join, go to:

If you don't already have a Yahoo! ID, you will need to create one. Its
easy and its free, as is So Cal Broncos. If you have any trouble
subscribing, let me know and I can subscribe you. Hope to see you there.

Oh yeah, what part of So Cal?
Dusty Sharp
Riverside, CA

Early Bronco Brotherhood of Southern California

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  Hey all

  What's going on ? My name is Phill , and I just got my first bronco , a
pretty nice '72 .. Its currently in the shop , getting totally tricked out
for some heavy duty trails ..

  I was wondering what your opinions on the ARB air lockers are ? I am
getting conflicting answers about them , and was wondering what y'all
thought ? Am I better off with detroits ? I don't mind the money , I just
want to make sure I get the best .. So thanks in advance , and I am looking
forward to posting on this list a lot ! I live in Southren California , and
am pretty new to offroading , so if anybody wants to meet up that'd be
really cool !

  See ya
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