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    ARB has a great reputation and stand behind their product. Ask CAT if
Detroit will ever replace a part a day after the warranty is over!

Only problems with ARB's leaking air is 90% of the leaks are traceable to
the installer running the air lines improperly. I've been running my front
ARB for over 12 years and my 9" ARB has been in for over 3 years.

I'd never go back to a Detroit. Had one for 3 years. I'd go full spool
before going to a Detroit again

Brian_at_nvrstuk..."All the parts so it will run..." Keep the snow coming!
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> Hey all
> What's going on ? My name is Phill , and I just got my first bronco , a
> pretty nice '72 .. Its currently in the shop , getting totally tricked out
> for some heavy duty trails ..
> I was wondering what your opinions on the ARB air lockers are ? I am
> conflicting answers about them , and was wondering what y'all thought ? Am
> better off with detroits ? I don't mind the money , I just want to make
> I get the best .. So thanks in advance , and I am looking forward to
> on this list a lot ! I live in Southren California , and am pretty new to
> offroading , so if anybody wants to meet up that'd be really cool !
> See ya
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