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From: Anthony Hernandez <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 08:20:07 -0800

You can probably do it with the right combination of parts. If you use a
Borgeson or Flaming River shaft and ujoints it'll make connecting the column
to the box easy. Another factor will be the outside diameter of the column.
The EB column brace has to be removed from the original column and welded to
the tilt column and then you'll need to figure out the wiring for the turn
signals and horn. has a good write how to article for
installing a 79 F150 column. I think the same idea would apply to any
column as long as you can mount the EB column brace and figure out the
wiring. I used an 80 F250 tilt column and a Borgeson shaft setup.


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Will a tilt column from a 88 ford bronco work in a 72 bronco .. I got 1
in good shape and hate to sell it for 250 and then have to pay 600 to
1000 for one at a bronco parts house ..thank you and have a good day
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